Andy Moon

La Fogata Duduk
2020 Club Mix

The Duduk Songs from Andy Moon still belongs to his own favorite work . While the Duduk has been recorded especially for this series of of 3 tracks of the Duduk Series. La Fogata Duduk has been released 2015, and was a Floor Filler on Ibiza and has been played in several of the prominent clubs.

Years after the Original Release of ‘La Fogata Duduk’ the follow ups has been released. ‘El Duduk Y La Luna’ and ‘El Duduk a la luz del Sol’. Andy Moon created a series of energetic Duduk Song for the Floor, inspired by the Red 1-3 Series of Dave Clarke.

This Release adds an additional Club Rework to the series.

Here are the other Duduk Releases from Andy Moon

AUD015 El Duduk a la Luz del Sol (Original Mix)

AUD011 El Duduk y la Luna (Club Reworks)

AUD006 El Duduk y la Luna (Original Mix)

AUD005 La Fogata Duduk (Original Mix)


Andy Moon

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