Andy Moon


Imagine, you enjoying a coffee downtown. Nice weather, sun is shining and then always around you. Dingeling and nobody is picking up the phone call, because that person is on the toilette. BUT…

… thats not all. This guy just downloaded the latest annoying Ring tone. You know that?

That situation was the idea behind “Dingeling” The song is a great Tech House | Techno Song but we are sure it will get on your nervs if you listening to it 5 times in a row.

You are still with us? If yes, lets start and give you some telephone terror 🙂 This song has been produced many years ago during the Jamba and other Ringtone provider prime time. We enclosed this release to Andy Moon “The Old Stuff V.A.” Enjoy and feel free to use it as your new Ringtone !


Andy Moon

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