Flight Impressions

Cockpitcrew has been founded by Andy Moon in collaboration with many musicians back in 2002. The idea behind it was to show the world from the view of a Cockpitcrew. So Andy and its Crew entered different planes shoot some area movies from the pilots perspective and theirafter Andy hidded in his studio for  1,5 years and he created an album with 25 ambient, lounge, chillout and electronica songs.

The overall productions tooked over 3 years. 2 years of them flying around in Europe and 1,5 years music production. Andy was owner of a commercial pilot licence these days. Theirfore he made all his flights himself. His Crew tooked care of the movie part. Honestly. this has been produced in SD Times. So the area shoots doesnt meet the HD or 4K Quality from today. But the DVD has been signed and published by EMI Music Publishing as a DVD with a running time of over 3 hours with a huge success. In other words it reached gold and platinum. Not to bad for a special interest DVD

EMI and MORE only released the DVD and missed the digital marketplace at all. So their was no digital release. Years later, we decided to re-release the album as digital Release and also added some You Tube Videos.

The Album includes many guest artists. Grammy awarded soul vocalist Ray Horton, better known as the real voice of “Milli Vanilli” and Hook Singer from Nana, Konstinger a guitarist form the reknown Band “Number Nine” and some others collaborated with Andy and so Andy created a Easy Listening Album as a combination of electronica and classical score.


Andy Moon

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