Sunrise 4 Phoenix
(Orchestral Theatre Version)

Cockpitcrew opens new frontiers. After their first classical / electronica Album ‘Flight Impressions’ their is the time for more modern orchestral score sounds. With Sunrise 4 Phoenix Cockpitcrew presents the cinematic Soundtrack for a german theatre production, what they have played live during the theatre show. The world premier of the Theatre Show including the live performance of Cockpitcrew was in Germany in the well-kown historical former Willi Millowitsch Theatre in Cologne at the release Day of the EP.

The original score is a mix of a large orchestra mixed with Synths and electronica elements. Andy Moon, who is the producer of Cockpitcrew, also created Melodic Techno & House Reworks of the original Score and the Studio Recordings. So he showcasing his Orchestral Club Mix and his Synth Club Mix together with the Classical Release of the Original Orchestral Score EP.

‘Phoenix and the golden Valley’ is a beautiful story about the bird Phoenix, escaping from his old place of living trying to find new places and the spectacular golden valley. Cockpitcrew designed the overall cinematic score like a soundtrack for this production.

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Andy Moon

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