Andy Moon

El Duduk y la Luna
(Original Mix)

The Duduk Songs from Andy Moon still belongs to his own favorite work . The Duduk has been recorded especially for this series of 3.

After the great success of ‘La Fogata Duduk’ in 2015 Ibiza Season, Andy Moon created another song leaded by the same instrument the ‘Duduk’. This time the Duduk plays along with a nice guitar played by Konstinger and the unique sound of a Moog Synth performed by Andy Moon himself. The Duduk has been played by Fabian, a re-known orchestral musician and composer of classical scores with references at the famous Gasteig in Munich.

The Song it self is recorded like a Jazz Song. All three main Instruments have been played live and together. This way ‘El Duduk Y La Luna’ got´s a unique life feeling.

Here are the other Duduk Releases from Andy Moon

AUD015 El Duduk a la Luz del Sol (Original Mix)

AUD013 La Fogata Duduk (2020 Club Mix)

AUD011 El Duduk y la Luna (Club Reworks)

AUD005 La Fogata Duduk (Original Mix)


Andy Moon

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