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El Duduk y la Luna
Club Reworks

The Duduk Songs from Andy Moon still belongs to his own favorite work . While the Duduk has been recorded especially for this series of of 3 tracks their has been released only 2 Tracks of the Duduk Series.

Now, five years after the Original Release of ‘El Duduk Y La Luna’, Andy Moon created a more energetic Club Mix for the Floor and our regular Label Remixer ‘Minimal Teardrop’ created his Remix.

This Release compared with the ‘La Fogata Duduk – Club Mix’, what will be released 2 weeks after, is the preparation for to long awaited and final No.3 Duduk track in a row, the long missing final track of the Duduk Series ‘El Duduk A La Luz Del Sol’ what will be released in November 2020!

Here are the other Duduk Releases from Andy Moon

AUD015 El Duduk a la Luz del Sol (Original Mix)

AUD013 La Fogata Duduk (2020 Club Mix)

AUD006 El Duduk y la Luna (Original Mix)

AUD005 La Fogata Duduk (Original Mix)


Andy Moon

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