Andy Moon

Deep in the Cave

Andy Moon is a sound and groove shaman and still combines his genres as he just feels like. He is back with a deep melodic but also raw, energetic and rhythmic and soulful Techno creation.

‘Deep in the Cave’ takes you on a trip to a cave filled with rhythms and sounds. A shamanic celebration where you can forget about time and space and get yourself lost in the melodies, the mysterious atmosphere and groove.

‘Dissonanz der Fantasien’ is a playground of synths, sounds and groove. Dissonance of the sounds and some childish play with melodies, some raw sequences combined with uplifting hi-hats and kicking drums. The track comes along with a confusing ambience and refers to a disruption in the harmonic sounds and the rhythm. It is a deliberate awkwardness inserted into the work for disturbing effect but also a new experience.


Andy Moon

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