Alexander von Hoffmann

Balearque EP

Born in Hamburg and raised in Trier, he learnt there his piano skills from Czech pianist and composer Vitezslav Vobornik. Due to this background in his music electronic beats are often woven with jazzy pianistic influences. Especially West Coast Synthesis had technically a huge impact on forming his signature sound.

Today Prof. Dr. Alexander von Hoffmann is working as lecturer at a University and is amongst other topics giving classes on ‘Computer Aided Production in Electronic Music’ for media engineers. Lately he created together with colleagues a series of virtual lectures on modular sound synthesis. His current scientific research is focusing on sound design for acoustic warning signals for better user experience (UX) of technical products.

With Balearque Alexander gives his debut to our Label Art Unnamed Deep. Both the Club Mix and the shorter Original Mix is pushing forward with its dirty Lead Bassline and can be considered as straight Techno for the floor.

Andy Moon contributes his Deep Tech House Rework of Balearque and combines his love to electronic and classical melodic elements and his passion for percussive grooves.


Andy Moon

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