Andy Moon

Hospital Madness

2021 was not really Andy Moon’s year. The pandemic lockdown hitted all the Artists very hard. But followed by a heavy motorcycle accident Andy ended up for several weeks in a hospital. During seven surgeries and many boring hours tied to bed he created some new songs in his ‘Hospital Madness’ Bedroom Studio. Later on he used the scratch ideas form the Hospital and finalized the songs in his studio. If you just ask yourself why the cover shows a tiger? The tiger symbols the strong fight, the will and the daily need to mentally stay strong even the next few months

‘The Dream Catcher’ is a melancholic melodic Techno track. The song expresses the moment, which acted on Andy in the seconds of the onset of anesthesia. The feeling of the fentanyl that lets the whole body take off and fly, followed by the injection of Propfol which feels as if you are torn from a heavenly flight into a black nothingness. An outstanding feeling of calm paired with euphoria.

‘Epochal Discordance’ is a melancholic experimental melodic Techno track with epic choral voices and a female cinematic lead Vocal like its known from all the epochal movies. Combined with spheric synth sounds and slightly rough distorted beats, the song express the discordance Andy was experiencing in those milliseconds from the impact. Feeling the pain while Andy was facing the death but fighting to survive severe injured. The Song is a try to catch the emotions when the whole world passes by in slow motion in this situation. The Minutes from flying thru the air, hitting the ground and waiting for rescue, while you realising something serious happend. The moments you arrive at the emergency room in a hospital, loosing the consciousness, jumping between life and death and awakening with the knowledge you cant walk anymore and have to learn walking again.

Global Release Dec 15th, 2021
Beatport Exclusive from Dec 1st, 2021


Andy Moon

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