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The Art of Thinking in Sounds
Meet somebody who is like that - Andy Moon aka Cockpitcrew aka Minimal Teardrop.

About Andy Moon

As Producer, DJ, Live Performer, Radio Host and Label Owner Andy Moon is a sound and groove Shaman, prudent visionary and creative cross-thinker with the ability „to think in sounds“,  and create something new, something exciting something extraordinary.

Loveparade Trucks in Berlin, his sets in re-known Clubs around the world and on Ibiza like Space, Tantra, Delano, Oceanbeat,  Punta Arabi or Bora Bora and Events like Rock im Park, Nature One, Ruhr in Love, Mayday Portugal, the U60311 or Boiler Room adorn his vita.

His tracks, released on different labels  like Traum Schallplatten, Natura Viva, Art Unnamed, Axis Red, More Music or Songwriting for EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music / ATV  Publishing and Gamesound Design varying between Ambient, Lounge to Melodic Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Deep Tech, Minimal or Techno.

Andy hosts a monthly FM+DAB Radio Show on Radio Z called Tiefton every 4th Saturday from 21h-22h (CET) and curates the music selection for Sophisticated Culture Radio.

This is part of his artistic work as a producer since 1993 and he still  works with an arsenal of analogue sound production Equipment and Semi-Modular systems.His degree as Bachelor of Arts (hons.) in Audio Production and as Audio Engineer also influence his work.

All the music, his DJ Sets and of course  his prefered Live Performances are made with  his addiction to electronic music, full with his feelings, his love  and his passion. He calls his sound himself „Melodic Deep Tech House“, what is more a combination of some Genres combined with his passion for jazz, world music and ethnical sounds as well as cinematic score.

About Cockpitcrew

Cockitcrew is based in cinematic score modern classical score but also Ambient, Lounge, Global Electronic Pop, progressive House, progressive Trance and Electronica. Cockpitcrew is also a Live Performing Act, produced and composed by Andy Moon, meanwhile with several Releases on EMI Music Publishing, More Music & Media, Traum Schallplatten and Art Unnamed.

Cockpitcrew released a DVD-Album, two Digital-Albums , several EPs and Single Tracks as-well as different Remixes for other Artists. As Live Act Cockpitcrew played on big venues like Rock im Park, Events and Beach-Clubs on Ibiza but also in small Pre-Clubbing Lounges, Theaters, Cinemas across the globe.

The music is defined as an influence from cinematic score using typical orchestral setups and electronic music produced with a gear of hardware synthesizers and semi-modular Synths.

That is what Traum Schallplatten wrotes about Cockitcrews unique sounds

“Endorphine” by Cockpitcrew is the first true ambient track of this release. Written by studio wizard Andy Moon, his skill to compose music is determined by a strong liking for improvisation. It is exciting to hear these two ends meet or – skillfully trying to avoid each other – in any way the result smells of avant-garde bands of the 70ies that run under „kosmische Musik“ but is galvanized by minimalism as we know it from techno. This could be a tune that appeals to people who like Tangerine Dream and people who like to be lead onto uncommon musical grounds.


Andy Moon

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